The Secretary of the Department of Interior, entered into a Multi-Year Funding Agreement (MYFA) for CY 2022-2026, with Santa Clara Pueblo.   Governor J. Michael Chavarria, signed the MYFA on 4/9/2022, and Sharee Freeman, Director, DOI, OSG, signed the MYFA on 5/18/2022.  Santa Clara Pueblo agreed to assume responsibility for the implementation of the various programs, services, functions and activities (PSFAs) listed in the MYFA under the following budget categories:

  • Tribal Government,
  • Human Services,
  • Education,
  • Public Safety and Justice,
  • Economic Development,
  • Forestry,
  • Community Development,
  • Resources Management,
  • Trust Services,
  • General Administration,
  • Contract Support Funds.

Rules & Regulations

The Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (ISDEAA), PL 93-638 and as Amended, authorizes Tribes and Tribal organizations to be funded by the Federal government to provide services that the Federal government would otherwise be obligated to provide due to the trust responsibilities and treaty obligations of the United States. ISDEAA establishes Self-Determination contracting and Self-Governance compacting as two unique options that Tribal governments can elect to use to assume control and decision-making authority over select federal programs and resources benefiting their citizens and communities.  Santa Clara Pueblo is one of a few Compacting and 638 Tribes that has assumed control and decision-making authority over select federal programs.



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Kenneth Reid

Director, Self Governance

Tara Gabaldon

Office Manager

Shelley Mann-Liv

Public Health Advisor

Penny Hudson

Grants Proposal Writer