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It is the mission of the Santa Clara Pueblo Accounting/Procurement Department to provide adequate financial services to Santa Clara Pueblo Administration in accurately identifying revenue received from federal, state local, private agencies and accurately identifying costs incurred by these Federal and State funded programs.

Services We Provide

  • Provides accounting and procurement services to Santa Clara Pueblo for funding received from Federal, State, local and private agencies.
  • Responsible for the financial management of the Pueblo’s General fund.
  • The Pueblo is a Self-Governance tribe and all programs are administered and accounted for at the Tribal level.
  • Responsible for financial reporting to various funding agencies and must adhere to Federal and State regulations in order to receive fund to implement programmatic activities designed to provide services to Santa Clara Pueblo community.
  • Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the department took on additional duties as the Pueblo was awarded funding through the CARES Act in 2020 and through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in 2021. The department is responsible for recording, monitoring and reporting these funds while adhering to the stringent regulations set forth by the federal government on allowable expenses as it relates to the pandemic.



Kathy Naranjo

Accounting Director

Kathy Naranjo, Accounting Director has been employed with SCP for about 38 years.  She oversees the Accounting Department. Supervises and reviews all work performed by the Accounting and Procurement staff.  Responsible for providing appropriate training to staff so that they can effectively complete their assigned tasks. Responsible for monitoring all financial and cash balances; and ensuring all drawdowns are completed to ensure the Pueblo’s cash flow is adequate for vendor and payroll expenses.  Is responsible for updated audits of all federal, state, private and tribal funds. Provides training to staff and directors on programmatic issues which affect the department. She is responsible for the development, monitoring and enforcing of accounting and procurement policies to be in compliant with federal, state and tribal regulations.  She communicates with Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Tribal Officials, Tribal Administrators and Program Directors on programmatic issues as it relates to funding and finances.

Marion Salvador

FSP Compliance Officer

Marion Salvador, FSP Compliance Officer (Federal, State, and Private) has been with the SCP Organization since October 2017. She provides services to Program who need budget modifications to ensure they are entered and ready for program use.  She meets with Programs on a quarterly, monthly and if needed on a daily basis with Departments to ensure that all grants, whether they are Federal, State, or Private grants are meeting and maintaining the requirements of the award.  This includes making sure the scope of work is being fulfilled; including expending funds, reporting to the funding source and submitting reimbursements for the Pueblo in a timely manner.  She also assists several programs with submitting grant documents and reports via This also includes working with the Contracts Manager, Procurement and Accountants to obtain and maintain the proper documents for grants, projects, purchases and financial reporting.

Rebecca Naranjo

Staff Accountant II

Rebecca J Naranjo, Staff Accountant II for the Accounting Dept., she is a Tribal Member and lives here in the Pueblo.  She has been in this position, anniversary date July 21, 2014 for over 9 years.  She is responsible for Federal & State grants for Environment, Social Services, Senior Center, Department of Youth & Learning, Head Start, Tribal Courts, Library, & Self Governance Programs.  Each department has 6 or more grants varying from Federal or State.  Some of her daily duties and responsibilities include entering data into our Accounting Software MIP, budgets, modifications, journal entries and posting.  Processes monthly reconciliations & financial reports for each grant.  She responsible for submitting quarterly Federal Financial reports to funding agencies.  Provides technical assistance to Program Directors/Manager on their program budgets. Collect revenue from various departments and process for deposits. She also assists with payroll review and any other duties as assigned.

Josh Vizcarra

Staff Accountant II

Josh Vizcarra, Staff Accountant II, is from Espanola and has been employed with Santa Clara Pueblo for almost a year.  He is currently one of the Staff Accountant II’s along with assisting as the Interim Payroll Specialist.  As an Accountant, he works with the various departments of SCP in providing budget reports or assists with any modifications that are needed. He also works closely with various funding agencies on award grants that are assigned to him, which includes quarterly financial reporting along with reimbursements.  As a Payroll Specialist he ensures all employee timecards are processed correctly and maintains Payroll files for each payroll.   He has been crossed trained in other areas such as processing AP checks, bank reconciliations, payroll imports and other duties as assigned.

Gail Mohamed

Accounts Payable Clerk

Gail Mohamed, Accounts Payable – She has been employed with Santa Clara Pueblo since April of 2022. She is responsible for all payments made to vendors; including payments made on various professional service contracts. Fulfills all requests for checks coming from all departments; inquires on payment status to vendors from departments. She is responsible for completing 1099 forms for all vendors include contract employees on a yearly basis. She researches the status of payments made to vendors and reconciles to vendor statements.  Ensures all payments are made within the due date of invoices sent.  Processes all travel checks for employees.   She is also crossed-trained to process purchases order and other duties that may be assigned to her.

Delores Allison

Procurement Manager

Delores Allison, Procurement Manager – Oversees the Procurement Office which includes the Inventory Clerk and Accounting/Procurement Clerk. Delores has been with the department for over 17 years.  She works on purchase orders, shipping and receiving, inventory, and processes purchasing request to various vendors. She works on the monthly reconciliation for various credit cards.  Reviews encumbrance reports for all contracts. She is currently the Interim Contracts Manger until this position is filled which entails working with departments on contracting vendors for professional services.

Lucas Willow

Inventory Clerk

Lucas Willow, Fixed Assets/ Inventory Clerk recently started in this position for the Santa Clara Pueblo Procurement Office.  He performs various tasks, such as receiving orders of various supplies and equipment from vendors, make sure items are properly tagged with an inventory number/tag and logged into my inventory list.  The departments are notified by phone that their order is ready to be picked up, or if too large he will deliver to them.   He is also responsible for maintaining proper accountability and control of capital and non-capital assets that have been designated as property belonging to Santa Clara Pueblo. A master list is also kept of all newly-acquired and also old capital and non-capital assets along with disposed items throughout the year.  As needed he assists the Procurement office to process Purchase Orders and place orders. 

Vacant Position

Staff Accountant I

Staff Accountant III

Contract Manager

Procurement/Accounting Clerk

Payroll Specialist

Please contact our office for more information on these vacant positions.



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