Tribal Council

Santa Clara Pueblo’s Tribal Council is the governing body and has legislative, fiscal, environmental, and other responsibilities for the Pueblo in exercise of the Pueblo’s inherent sovereign powers.

The Tribal Council approves the organizational structure, establishment of and funding for departments, programs, and services to best serve the needs of the Pueblo community and its members and safeguards its resources and its sovereignty.

The Tribal Council is generally responsible for adopting, amending, and repealing tribal ordinances/codes. This is an on-going responsibility and approves written policies such as the personnel policy and financial policies, etc.

Santa Clara Pueblo’s Tribal Council members are appointed for a one-year term.

Santa Clara Pueblo

2024 Tribal Council Members

Robert Montoya
Jesse Gutierrez
Dorothy Hays
Robert Gutierrez
Joe Chavarria
Dino Chavarria
Mina Harvier
James Naranjo