Animal Control



The intent of the Animal Control Code is to protect animals from cruelty, neglect and abuse; protect residents from annoyance and injury due to animals; assist in providing housing for animals in a control center; finance the functions of licensing and recovery; establish a program for the sterilization of animals; and protect the residents of the Pueblo and its lands from threats to their health and welfare posed by dangerous and uncontrolled animals.

The Animal Control Office assists the people of Santa Clara with animal needs such as setting up a vaccination clinic or finding other resources that will benefit the people of Santa Clara Pueblo.

The Animal Control Office is tasked with enforcing the Santa Clara Pueblos Animal Control Code TITLE XV – HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT: CHAPTER 89. I enjoy working with the staff from the Espanola Animal Humane as well. Your pets can be registered with me at Santa Clara Police Department.


To balance the health, public safety, and welfare needs of people and animals in Santa Clara Pueblo:

  • Enforcing responsibly and humane animal-related laws
  • Serve the community in need such as finding resources for spray/ neutered  animal clinics at low or no cost to the people
  • Provide information on vaccination clinics that are going to happen and can be provided to the people of the pueblo
  • Educate the community on the ordinances that are in place for the safety of everyone
  • Be available to answer any questions that arise about the ordinances that the pueblo has in place for animals
  • Investigate animal cruelty and neglect cases as well as animal bites
  • Set up humane traps for stray animals
  • Try to help the community in any way that is brought to my attention from education to any type of training I have learned to help in the care of animals



Office Phone: 505-692-6290

Physical Address: 173 Wagon Road, Espanola, NM 87532

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 580, Espanola, NM 87532



Animal Control Officer, Vacant