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The Special Projects and Safety of Dams Office manages multiple programs including the Roads, Heavy Equipment, Irrigation, GSA fleet and monitors the flood early warning system for the Pueblo. Our office specializes in contracting, infrastructure development and manages all construction projects for the Pueblo. Our office maintains communication with multiple outside agencies on Pueblo’s infrastructure goals and needs.

Current Projects

Our office has multiple projects with multiple outside agencies such as Indian Health Services, State of New Mexico, The Valles Caldera National Preserve, Economic Administration Division, Bureau of Reclamation and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Below is a list of current projects:

Valles Caldera
  • Site Demo Clean Up
  • Charging Station Installation
  • Entrance Station Deck
  • Road Trails maintenance
Bureau of Reclamation
  • Rio Grande Irrigation System Repairs
Indian Health Services
  • I.H.S Scattered Homes Project
  • I.H.S CAV Modification
  • I.H.S Water Metering
  • I.H.S Phase 3b-Guachupangue
  • I.H.S Open Dump Sites
New Mexico Capital Outlay and Tribal Infrastructure
  • Capital Outlay 21 Water and Sewer F2466
  • TIF – Southern Area Sewer Expansion
  • TIF – Design Canyon Road 22-TF-16
  • TIF Radio Upgrades 22-TF-17
  • Tribal Administration Complex- Design
  • Guachupangeh Water Upgrades G2503
  • Cultural Heritage Center H2607
  • Wellness Center H2608
  • Guachupangeh Sewer Design 23TF26
  • Village Sewer Study 23-TF-13
  • ADC Flooring and Lighting Replacement A22G-5368
  • ADC Stucco replacement A22G-5340
Economic Development Administration
  • 4 Corners Water and Wastewater
National Telecommunications Information Administration
  • Fiber to Homes Project
Tribal Projects
  • Riverside Demo (Hunter Ford)
  • Tribal Admin IT Services
  • Elderly Furnace Maintenance Project
  • Elderly Door Replacement Project
  • Elderly Chimnew Cleaning

Contact Information

Service Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm

Office Number: 505-692-6309

Email Address: dtafoya@santaclarapueblo.org / ptorres@santaclarapueblo.org

Mailing Address: PO Box 580
Espanola, NM 87532

Physical Address: 578 Kee St
Española, NM 87532



Daniel Tafoya, Director

Paul Torres, Assistant Director

Vida Baca, Budget Analyst

Joey Gutierrez, Field Supervisor

Anthony Baca, Road Technician

David Ortiz, Road Technician

Joshua Povijua, Road Technician

If interested in receiving Congregate & Or Homebound meals please stop by the center and pick up an application. Our Monthly menu is disbursed at the end of each month, but sometime the menu is subject to change. We also serve Non-Natives living in the surrounding communities as well. We have different scheduled activities on a monthly basis, if interested please call the center for a listing of these activities. We encourage you to stop in and visit our center or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at the above number!