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“With respect to Santa Clara Pueblo tribal leadership, the Santa Clara Pueblo Gaming Commission is committed to protecting the assets of the tribe by ensuring the integrity of gaming in accordance with all laws, regulations, and agreements. We assure the health and safety of all persons within our influence with enjoying safe gaming within Santa Clara Pueblo lands.”

About Us

The Santa Clara Pueblo Gaming Commission (SCPGC) was established by the Santa Clara Pueblo Tribal Council in 1998. SCPGC is a separate and unique agency of the tribal government responsible for regulating all gaming held within the Santa Clara Lands.

The SCPGC has primary responsibility to ensure all gaming activity is conducted fairly and honestly by both the gaming operation and the player. SCPGC also assures the public trust and confidence in the credibility and integrity of gaming as the Pueblo of Santa Clara.

The SCPGC Commissioners are appointed by the Governor with the approval of Tribal Council. The SCPGC reports to the Governor and Tribal Council. The Executive Director is hired by the Commission to administer its duties and responsibilities under the Tribal Gaming Code.

The SCPGC is partitioned into departments under the supervision of the Executive Director. Each department has its own objectives and goals to endure that the requirements of the Commission are achieved.


  • To protect the assets of the Pueblo as they relate to gaming.
  • To protect the internal control system – which ensures the accountability of funds, prevents theft and fraud.
  • To ensure the integrity – the reputation as perceived by patrons, the public, politicians and the media.
  • To protect sovereignty – to limit the presence of Federal and State regulation by maintaining compliance with applicable laws & regulations.
  • To enforce health and safety – to protect the health and safety of patrons and employees



Tribal Gaming Code is tribal law that outlines gaming responsibilities and grants SCPGC the following authority to:

  • Promulgate new regulations.
  • Amend existing regulations or internal controls.
  • Conduct disciplinary proceedings and patron disputes and appeals.
  • Approve, suspend or revoke gaming licenses.

Gaming Regulations

  • Establishes application procedures and licensing eligibility.
  • Establishes method of operation for the gaming establishment.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Health & Safety.

Tribal Internal Controls Standards (TICS)

  • Established to be as stringent to the NIGC 542 Minimum Internal Controls Standards (MICS).
  • Assure the financial records of the casino are accurate and reliable.
  • To ensure compliance with the 2015 Tribal/State Gaming Compact standards for operational conduct of gaming activities on Santa Clara Lands.


To apply for a position with the Santa Clara Pueblo Gaming Commission, please send a cover letter together with your resume to



Office Number: 505-747-4306

Fax: 505-747-4371

Mailing Address: PO Box 2688
Española, NM 87532

Physical Address: 104B South Riverside Drive
Española, NM 87532

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Myron Salvador

Myron Salvador

Executive Director

Richard Garcia

Richard Garcia

Gaming Inspector

Melissa Abeyta

Melissa Abeyta

Gaming Inspector